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Allergens Information



€ 6.75

Avocada Fries

homemade avocado slices dipped in panko breadcrumbs with a chipotle mayonnaise

€ 6.75

Chicken Strips

Marinated in Mexican spices, grilled and served with Chipotle mayonnaise

€ 6.95

Chilli Poppers

Homemade chilli breaded jalapenos filled with cream cheese and served with chipotle mayo

Chicken Wings

Tossed in a choice of your sauce

€ 4.50

Corn On The Cob

Grilled corn with chilli and lemon butter

€ 6.75

Deep Filled Potato Skin

Topped with taco mince and cheese served with homemade Pico de gallo

€ 7.95

Gambas al Vapor

Steamed prawns tossed in homemade chilli butter sauce

€ 8.50

Peri Peri Prawns

Tiger prawns tossed in a peri peri sauce served with tortilla chips

€ 19.95

Sharing Platter

Perfect for 2. chicken strips, chilli poppers, corn on the cob, American hot wings, nachos served with sour cream and salsa

€ 24.95

Wings Basket

2×12Wings, 2xFries, 2xDrinks

Tortilla Nachos

€ 6.75

Tortilla Nachos Plain

Fresh tortilla chips served with salsa and guacamole

€ 7.75

Tortilla Nachos Clasico

Topped with Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream and jalapeno

€ 7.95

Tortilla Nachos Ultimo

Topped with chargrilled chicken, Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and jalapenos

€ 7.95

Tortilla Nachos Supremo

Chilli beef, Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and jalapenos

€ 8.95

Tortilla Nachos Extremo

Barbacoa beef, pico de gallo guacamole, sour cream topped with Monterey Jack cheese


Our homemade burgers are served in a brioche bun with gem lettuce, red onion, tomato,. Served with homemade slaw and your choice of skin on fries or fresh salad
€ 9.95

Peri Peri Chicken Burger

Grilled marinated chicken breast with chipotle mayo and melted cheese

€ 10.95

The Mighty Meaty

Our prime beef burger with a twist, topped with delicious chilli beef, chipotle mayo, jalapenos and melted cheese

€ 9.95

The Mexican Beef Burger

Our Mexican spiced prime burger topped with pico de gall, chipotle mayo and guacamole

€ 9.95

Smoked BBQ Chicken Burger

chargrilled chicken topped with smokey bbq sauce and cheese

Our Classics


A large soft flour or wholemeal tortilla filled with coriander and lime rice, pinto beans, cheese, sour cream and your favourite filling


A large soft flour or wholemeal tortilla filled with mixed onions and peppers, grated cheese, sour cream with your favourite filling and salsa


Three soft flour tortillas filled with peppers and onions, cheese, sour cream and a choice of your filling and salsa

Burritos in Bowl

All the ingredients in a burrito, without the wrap

Sizzling Special


Two rolled flour tortillas baked,filled with rice,topped with our signature tomato sauce and melted cheese,served with sour cream.


A flour tortilla sandwich topped with cheese and a choice of filling,served with our fresh pico de gallo & sour cream.

€ 11.95

Steak Ranchero

Matured striploin 6oz steak on a bed of Mexican rice,salad,Salsa verde & topped with fried egg.

€ 11.95

Peri Peri Chicken

Half chicken marinated in a peri peri sauce,served with slaw & pico de gallo with a choice of Skin on Fries or Rice.

€ 11.50

Firey Chilli Chicken

Hot Habenero marinated chicken breast served with Mexican spiced rice, Pico de Gallo and a cooling sour cream


€ 9.50

Chicken Ceaser Salad

Crispy romain lettuce, croutons, freshly grilled parmesan and our caesar dressing

€ 9.95

Mexican Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad

Mexican spiced grilled chicken with crisp lettuce, sweet cherry tomatoes, corn, avocado, boiled egg and topped with our fresh crispy nacho strips

€ 10.50

Paleo Box

protein enriched salad with a choice of your meat, red lentils, pinto beans, roasted beetroot topped with half an avocado and sweet peppers served with dressing

€ 11.50

Prawn Protein Salad

Tiger prawns marinated with sweet paprika on a bed of crisp leaves, avocado, cherry tomatoes, beans, corn and drizzled with jalapeno lime dressing

€ 10.95

Superfood Salad

Crispy lettuce leaves with a choice of your meat, avocado, quinoa, black beans, red peppers drizzled with chilli lime dressing


€ 6.95

Fiery Chilli Fries

€ 3.50

Mexican Rice

€ 3.00

Skin on Fries

€ 7.95

Sweet Potato Chilli Fries

€ 4.50

Sweet Potato Fries

€ 3.50

House salad with Thai Lime Dressing


€ 1.50

Sour Cream

€ 1.50

American Hot

€ 1.50

Chipotle Mayo

€ 1.50

Amigo Salsa

€ 1.50

Salsa Verde

€ 1.95

Pico de Gallo

€ 1.95


€ 2.95

Homemade Slaw

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